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Formula and Rockland Enter Into a Collaboration

February 22, 2016

Will develop C.I.K. CAR immunotherapy pipeline for cancer treatment

Formula Pharmaceuticals and Rockland Immunochemicals will team up for the preclinical development of Formula’s Cytokine Induced Killer (C.I.K.) cell-based Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) cancer immunotherapies at Rockland’s R&D facility. Rockland will provide and manage Formula’s preclinical research team. In addition, Rockland will provide the classified research facilities for Formula’s preclinical development needs in its newly established, scalable 60,000 square foot R&D facility.

Formula’s immunotherapy product pipeline is built upon a proprietary, non-viral, allogeneic C.I.K. CAR technology platform, which seeks to overcome practical and therapeutic limitations related to existing CAR-T approaches that include viral transfection, autologous blood and T cells. Formula’s C.I.K. CAR technology leverages T cell and Natural Killer cell functionality within one effector cell population sourced from healthy donor peripheral or cord blood, which the Company is developing as an off-the-shelf CAR immunotherapy for hematologic and solid tumor indications.

“This collaboration is important and valuable to the development of these high potential cancer therapies,” said Maurits Geerlings, president and chief executive officer, Formula. “Rockland’s excellent R&D facilities and specialized research staff provide the most cost-effective and efficient way for developing and growing our product pipeline. Rockland can provide additional research support on an as-needed basis.”

“Rockland is excited that Formula Therapeutics chooses to rely on and to trust in our expertise in immunology, cell culture and molecular biology to conduct the research integral to the development of its cutting-edge immunotherapies,” said Jim Fendrick, president and chief executive officer, Rockland Immunochemicals.
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