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TxCell Expands Footprint

March 1, 2016

Launches new manufacturing process development laboratories and technology transfer academy

TxCell SA, a biotechnology company developing personalized cellular immunotherapies using regulatory T-cells to treat severe chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, has launched its new process industrialization laboratories and technology transfer academy facilities in Sophia Antipolis, France.

These new facilities will be primarily dedicated to the improvement of the existing TxCell manufacturing process for its ASTrIA platform as well as to the development of a manufacturing process for its new ENTrIA platform. These developments will be primarily achieved by combining the integration into the manufacturing process of findings from TxCell research with industry advancements in the life science and technology industries. The outcome will be an increase in automation and economic efficiencies as well as a shortening of the manufacturing process of all TxCell products across all of its platforms.

“TxCell is the only clinical stage cellular therapy company dedicated to the science of regulatory T lymphocytes (Tregs). As a result, TxCell is integrating its own research with recent technological advancements across a variety of fields to make the manufacturing process of our product portfolio as economic as possible,” said Miguel Forte, chief operating officer, TxCell. “The new TxCell facilities will be dedicated to accelerating the development of the commercial manufacturing process for products that result from the TxCell ASTrIA platform. In addition, it will allow the development of a new manufacturing process for products derived from the new TxCell ENTrIA platform.”

The facilities will also host the TxCell Academy for Technology Transfer. The academy will be responsible for educating and training all contract manufacturing partners—CMOs, including MaSTherCell. In addition, the academy will train future strategic partners—licensed and/or co-developing pharmaceutical companies—on the manufacturing processes of TxCell’s personalized cellular therapies. This will have the aim of facilitating and accelerating all transfer of TxCell technologies to third parties.

These new facilities will be based in Sophia Antipolis, in the premises of GenBiotech (, an affiliate company of the Genevrier Laboratories.

“The opening of the new process development and technology transfer laboratories in the facilities of GenBiotech is a great development for TxCell,” said Stéphane Boissel, chief executive officer, TxCell. “A significant part of TxCell’s strategic focus for the next three years will include improving the manufacturing process for the current group of products from the TxCell ASTrIA platform as well as developing a process for products from the new TxCell ENTrIA platform. In addition, in the context of a rapidly developing market for cellular therapy technologies, educating our manufacturing partners and future strategic partners about these processes will be crucial for TxCell. This initiative will be instrumental for TxCell to advance the development of critically needed personalized cellular therapies.”
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