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INC Research Appoints CSO

March 11, 2016

Ng-Cashin brings 20 years of experience

Judith Ng-Cashin, MD has been appointed chief scientific officer, INC Research. Dr. Ng-Cashin will lead the integration of the company’s therapeutic and medical/scientific expertise for Phase I to IV trials. She will be responsible for scientific, medical and ethical governance, including collaboration with key medical and scientific stakeholders.
Dr. Ng-Cashin has 20 years of drug discovery and development, clinical research, and bench science experience. She joins the company from another CRO, where she served as vice president, Medical Strategy, Office of the CMSO with responsibility for oversight of medical ethics and governance across the global business. She also spent nine years with GlaxoSmithKline in senior medical leadership roles. Dr. Ng-Cashin’s expertise spans all stages of clinical research and includes targeted research in melanoma, HIV and other infectious diseases.
“INC has long been recognized as the therapeutically-focused CRO,” said Michael Gibertini, Ph.D., president, Clinical Development. “The appointment of Dr. Judith Ng-Cashin further demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with high-quality clinical development services grounded in practical medical science and industry-leading therapeutic expertise. With more than 20 years of experience in drug discovery and development, clinical research, bench science and clinical medicine, Dr. Ng-Cashin has distinguished herself in the development of novel therapies. Her proven track record will be invaluable as we work to further connect our medical and therapeutic teams at INC in support of our customers’ clinical development goals.”