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J&J Innovation Launches JLINX

March 16, 2016

Aims to offer start-ups flexible ways to advance research

Johnson & Johnson Innovation is expanding its strategy to include a new initiative in Europe designed to identify and nurture early-stage research companies. The collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica will be called Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLINX (JLINX) and aims to offer start-ups flexible ways to grow and collaborate across the European life sciences.
JLINX will be located in a dedicated facility on the Janssen campus in Beerse, Belgium, and will be managed in close collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Innovation and bioqube ventures, which will provide independent oversight for venture funding and company selection. JLINX will provide entrepreneurs with opportunities to collaborate while accessing a unique combination of resources including investment, infrastructure, and access to relevant internal and external scientific, technical and business expertise.  
Investment in promising innovation through the JLINX initiative is venture-based and Johnson & Johnson companies will not hold any specific rights to commercialized products. JLINX will launch with initial venture funding from Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc. (JJDC) to leverage these funds along with those from additional external investors.
“The mission of Johnson & Johnson Innovation is to identify and advance the best science – internal or external – to bring healthcare solutions to patients and consumers around the world,” said Paul Stoffels, M.D., chief scientific officer and worldwide chairman, Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson. “We are confident that JLINX will create a vibrant ecosystem of start-ups and entrepreneurs with access to the world-class expertise and technology at the Janssen Campus in Belgium and within our global network. This new initiative has been designed to foster the creative start-up culture in Europe that can accelerate breakthroughs.”
“We believe the benefits of this collaboration will go far beyond developing successful new businesses. This new initiative will fuel the evolution of new models for scientific collaboration across the healthcare industry and foster the development of transformational solutions to the people who need them,” said Dr. William N. Hait, global head, Janssen Research & Development, LLC. “Through this initiative, we honor the legacy of Dr. Paul Janssen, who founded his business in Beerse based on the ideals of scientific entrepreneurism.”
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