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Caladrius Enters Agreement With Hitachi Chemical

March 18, 2016

Sells 19.9% equity stake in subsidiary PCT for $19.4M

PCT, a development and manufacturing services provider and subsidiary of Caladrius Biosciences, has entered into a global collaboration with Hitachi Chemical that includes licensing, development and equity components. Hitachi Chemical is a global conglomerate with a growing franchise in life sciences, including regenerative medicine.

As part of the collaboration, Hitachi has purchased a 19.9% equity interest in PCT for $19.4 million. Caladrius will retain the remaining 80.1% ownership of PCT. Caladrius says it will use the acquired capital for continued expansion and improvements at PCT in support of commercial product launch readiness as well as for general corporate purposes.

In addition, PCT has licensed its cell therapy technology and know-how to Hitachi for cell therapy manufacturing in certain Asian territories, including Japan, where the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) has introduced more favorable legislation to stimulate the growth of regenerative medicine development in Japan. Under the license agreement, Hitachi Chemical is to make upfront and near term milestone payments of $5.6 million. In addition, Hitachi Chemical will pay service fees and royalties on contract revenue in those territories.  Under the license arrangement, Hitachi Chemical is responsible for all capital and operational expenses associated with the establishment and operation of the Asian business on which PCT is entitled to royalty payments.

PCT and Hitachi Chemical have also agreed to explore the establishment of a joint venture in Europe.

“We are delighted about this collaboration with a company of the stature and global reach of Hitachi Chemical as it represents a clear validation of the PCT business model, technology and know-how. Importantly, it now values our PCT business at approximately $100 million and provides non-dilutive capital that strengthens our financial position,” said David Mazzo, chief executive officer, Caladrius. “Together, Caladrius, PCT and Hitachi Chemical are focused on building a global leadership position in cell therapy development and manufacturing with this transformative collaboration.” 

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