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Diversigen Teams Up With Korea-based BioCore

March 22, 2016

Together will bring metagenomic/microbiome services to Korea

Diversigen, a provider of microbiome analysis services, has partnered with BioCore, a bioanalytical contract research organization (CRO), based in Seoul, South Korea. This partnership expands BioCore's portfolio, adding Diversigen's advanced microbiome/metagenomics analysis to BioCore's laboratory service offerings, and facilitates Diversigen's entry into the growing Asian pharmaceutical market.

"BioCore offers the best in a strategic partner—deep domain expertise, a solid reputation, and an innovative approach to serving their customers," said Caroline Popper, chief executive officer, Diversigen. "We look forward to helping BioCore and their customers gain competitive advantage through solutions designed to accelerate and transform discovery research, accelerate otherwise lengthy clinical trials, and capitalize on the diverse opportunities of the microbiome."

H.S. Choie, president and chief executive officer, BioCore, said, "Our partnership with Diversigen gives BioCore an opportunity to broaden our reach in the Korean pharmaceutical market and provide our customers with access to the leading scientists in the exploding field of microbiome research."  
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