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Ligand, ABBA Enter OmniAb Platform Pact

March 28, 2016

Licenses platform to generate fully human mono- and bispecific antibodies

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. has entered into a worldwide license agreement with ABBA Therapeutics AG, a Swiss biotechnology company developing immuno-oncology therapies, under which ABBA will be able to use the OmniRat, OmniMouse and OmniFlicplatforms to generate fully human mono- and bispecific antibodies. Ligand will receive an initial access payment, and will be eligible to receive clinical milestones and royalties for each successful OmniAb antibody. ABBA will be responsible for all program related costs.

“OmniAb will provide ABBA with industry-leading technology for generation of novel antibody therapeutics to further their therapeutic strategy,” said John Higgins, chief executive officer of Ligand. “This is the third OmniAb license deal since the close of the OMT acquisition and the 19th overall OmniAb Ligand partner, and continues to show the licensing power that the OmniAb franchise brings to Ligand.”