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Adamis Pharma Acquires US Compounding

March 29, 2016

US Compounding will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adamis

Adamis Pharmaceuticals has acquired US Compounding, a privately held company registered as a drug compounding outsourcing facility under Section 503B of the U.S. Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), that provides prescription medications to patients, physician clinics, hospitals and surgery centers throughout most of the U.S. US Compounding will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adamis.

“USC will be a compelling addition for Adamis. We believe the combination of revenues of $20 million or greater in each of the last two years, a large sales and marketing team and robust manufacturing capabilities, will be both synergistic with and accretive to Adamis' overall value,” said Dennis Carlo, president and chief executive officer, Adamis. “We expect the new division will generate at least $5 million in operating income over the first 12 months and achieve an annualized run rate of $50 million per year within 24 months after closing.”

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