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Keystone Folding Box Co.

Company Headquarters

367 Verona Avenue
Newark, NJ 07104
United States

Company Description

Keystone Folding Box Co. provides paperboard-based packaging solution for a variety of sectors: Rx Pharma: Child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging are critical to the RX market, as are compliance packaging. These solutions include Key-Pak and the popular Ecoslide-RX Series. Clinical Trials: Key-Pak has become the most widely used CR packaging globally for clinical trial materials in phases II-IV. Recently syringe and vial packaging solutions have been introduced for Phases I-IV. OTC & Retail Pharma: Among other solutions, Keystone’s Ecoslide-OTC is a child-resistant paperboard pack for over-the- counter products packaged in blisters. Its compact size is preferred by consumers. Injectables: Keystone’s Injectaslide and Vial Pack family is ideal for biologics, vaccines, and other in-vivo drug delivery products. Medical Devices: Keystone custom engineers cartons to suit medical devices under the most stringent packaging requirements.

Contract Service Directory

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