2010 Top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies Report

By Gil Roth | July 9, 2010

Slowing sales, mega-mergers, generic implosions and whipsawing exchange rates have caused some shakeups within the Top 20 Pharma ranks. The loss of Wyeth and Schering-Plough, coupled with Roche’s defection to the Biopharma list, led us to find several new players: Otsuka, Gilead and Mylan.

I’m not sure how significant it is that half of “the second tier” (companies 11-20) are based in Japan, but I find it interesting that Gilead (#19) is the only non-generic U.S. pharma company in that tier. (Just below the cutoff line, companies #21 and #22 are Dutch and Japanese, respectively.) I also find it interesting that Teva has revenue goals that could propel it into the top 7 ranks in the next few years. Aim high, pharma!

Gil Y. Roth, Editor


Top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies
01 Pfizer $45,448
02 Sanofi-Aventis $40,871
03 Novartis $38,455
04 GlaxoSmithKline $36,746
05 AstraZeneca $31,905
06 Merck & Co. $26,929
07 Johnson & Johnson $22,520
08 Eli Lilly & Co. $20,629
09 Bristol-Myers Squibb $18,808
10 Abbott Laboratories $16,486
11 Takeda Chem. Ind. $14,204
12 Boehringer-Ingelheim $14,027
13 Teva Pharma $13,814
14 Bayer Schering $13,344
15 Astellas $10,509
16 Daiichi-Sankyo $9,757
17 Eisai $8,441
18 Otsuka $7,717
19 Gilead Sciences $6,469
20 Mylan $5,015

Based on 2009 pharma revenues.
Note: In all Top Company profiles, dollar amounts are in millions.



Editor: Gil Y. Roth
Associate Editor: Kristin Brooks
Contributing Editor: Derek B. Lowe

All profiles written by Gil Roth, except Astellas and Daiichi-Sankyo, by Kristin Brooks.

The Lowe Down capsules written by Derek Lowe

All pipeline information compiled by Kristin Brooks

Sales information compiled by Gil Roth

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