Top 10 Biopharma Report

July 16, 2013

Our annual look at the 10 biggest players in the Biopharmaceutical marketplace

Roche continued to lead the Top Biopharma ranks, nearly larger than the next three companies combined, but we saw a new entrant at the bottom of our list, as Eylea, Regeneron’s treatment for wet AMD, pushed it ahead of the floundering Dendreon. Next year, AbbVie will drop Amgen to the #3 position in our list, a weirder development than we could have imagined a few short years ago.

None of our Top Biopharmas saw negative sales in 2012, unlike their Pharma counterparts. We’ll see how well that holds up in few years, when biosimilars begin to chip away at U.S. and EU sales for some of the major biologics.  Total drug revenues were up 6% to $96.4 billion, while earnings rose 9% to $26.0 billion.

Note: a company qualifies as a “Biopharma” if it makes at least 50% of its drug revenues from selling biologics and vaccines. Small-molecule companies need not apply.

—Gil Y. Roth

Editor: Gil Y. Roth
Associate Editor: Kristin Brooks
Contributing Editor: Derek B. Lowe
All profiles written by Gil Roth, except Baxter, by Kristin Brooks
The Lowe Down capsules written by Derek Lowe (http://pipeline.corante.com)
Pipeline information compiled by Kristin Brooks
Revenue information compiled by Gil Roth

Top 10 Biopharma Companies
based on 2012 biopharma revenues
1 Roche/Genentech  $37,582
2 Amgen $17,265
3 Novo Nordisk $13,475
4 Merck Serono $8,234
5 Baxter $6,237
6 Biogen Idec $5,304
7 CSL  $4,550
8 Allergan $1,766
9 Alexion $1,134
10 Regeneron $858

2012 R&D Expenditures
1 Roche $8,031
2 Amgen  $3,380
3 Novo Nordisk $1,882
4 Merck Serono $1,526
5 Biogen Idec $1,335
6 Baxter $1,156
7 Allergan $986
8 Dendreon $626
9 CSL $364
19 Alexion $223

Note: In all Top Company profiles, dollar amounts are in millions.

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