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MilliporeSigma Launches Commercial Service to Predict DNA Damage


MilliporeSigma has launched CAN MultiFlow screening services designed to more accurately predict genotoxic and mode of action properties of substances, ingredients and drug compounds, offered through its BioReliance testing facilities.

The screening process uses flow cytometry to screen for clastogens, aneugens and non-genotoxicants (CAN) in pharmaceutical compounds, agricultural chemicals, flavors, fragrances and consumer products. The results from the assay can help manufacturers reject harmful substances during product development or reduce undesirable properties at an early stage.
"Assessing toxicology is one of the most important steps in the development of chemicals, ingredients and drugs for use in pharmaceuticals, agriculture or consumer goods," said Andrew Bulpin, head of Process Solutions Strategic Marketing & Innovation, MilliporeSigma. "MilliporeSigma's new CAN MultiFlow screening services provide more accurate predictions for toxicity than other approaches. This highly efficient and accurate service will allow for faster evaluation of compounds for potential hazards, making drugs, cosmetics, flavors, fragrances and other chemicals safer for consumers in the long run."
The CAN MultiFlow assay analyzes multiple biomarkers (p53, hH2AX and Phospho-Histone H3) associated with DNA damage in a single high-throughput assay. According to the company, this model provides more accurate predictions of genotoxicity to help avoid false positives or other misinformation that may exclude an otherwise safe compound from development. The CAN MultiFlow assay uses a minimal amount of material for testing and rapidly provides results, according to the company.

The new CAN MultiFlow assay is based on the MultiFlow kit from Litron Laboratories.  
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