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Bosch Packaging Technology Launches ALF 5000



Bosch Packaging Technology introduced the ALF 5000, a new filling and closing machine that offers an increased output of up to 600 ampoules per minute.
The machine table top of the ALF 5000 is designed to provide a better sealing from the sterile area, and improved accessibility for easy cleaning. In addition to the right-hand version, the ALF 5000 is now also available as left-hand version, to help enable optimal adaption to existing production sites and workflows such as internal itineraries. 
For improved process safety, the ampoule heads are removed sidewards during closing instead of from above. This avoids machine movements above the open ampoules, making the process safer. For a particularly gentle processing, it is now possible to use a carrying rake transport system that slightly lifts the glass containers to prevent them from rubbing against the machine guide. 
For added flexibility, all established filling systems such as peristaltic pump or time-pressure-filling system can be used with the new machine. In its combi version, the ALF 5000 optionally processes injection bottles in addition to ampoules, combined with easy changeovers. As an option, customers can choose between a statistical or a 100% in-process control, as well as different infeed and outfeed versions. 
The ALF 5000 is suited for wall mounting and integration into barrier systems. Following Bosch’s pharmaceutical line competence approach, the new filling and closing machine can be combined with upstream and downstream equipment to form a complete line. 
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