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Schreiner MediPharm to Introduce New Digital Security Label


Schreiner MediPharm will introduce its multi-functional Security Booklet-Label at Booth 1153. The new Booklet-Label solution combines several digital security features with an integrated first-opening seal.

The Security Booklet-Label's bottom layer contains a tab serving as a closure seal for tampering protection. When the seal is opened, a void effect emerges as an irreversible first-opening indication. Applied to a medicine carton, the Booklet-Label allows a pharmacist, for example, to view the medicination's product information without opening the pack and thus destroying the tamper protection.

In addition, the label is equipped with three digital security features: BitSecure, a copy detection technology based on a high-resolution, cloud-like random pattern. In an attempt to copy BitSecure, the fake duplicate will suffer a loss in precision and optical details.

The KeySecure tracing system is based on an encrypted 15-digit alphanumerical code, which makes it possible to identify and authenticate every product item marked via smartphone or the Internet. The code can be printed in human-readable form or as a 2D code.

A label-integrated NFC Chip enables digital authentication using a smartphone. The NFC chip inconspicuously blends in with the label design and allows for contactless product identification within a few centimeters.