Argonaut’s Advanced Facility Readies to Combat COVID-19


Offers immediate COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic fill/finish production availability

Argonaut Manufacturing Services has immediate availability for aseptic drug product manufacturing fill/finish service. Argonaut will provide services for Pre-clinical to Phase III drug product manufacturing of vaccines and therapeutics, including those for sponsors working toward a COVID-19 vaccine or therapeutic under accelerated timelines. Argonaut will expand to commercial clients in 2021.
"Our capacity is ready in April 2020. This capacity is ideally suited for vaccines and other therapeutics in the fight against COVID-19," said Chris Duffy, chief operating officer, Argonaut.
Wayne Woodard, chief executive officer, Argonaut, said, "At this moment we are clearly in a crisis and Argonaut is taking action to help however we can. Our experienced staff of industry veterans and the agility of our equipment will dramatically reduce time to approval. Argonaut is fortunate to have immediate capacity coming on-line and are here to help clients to get their vaccines and therapeutics through clinical trials in record time."
For general inquiries as well as immediate or urgent needs outside of standard hours of operations contact Eric Blair, chief commercial officer at