MedPharm Expands Testing Models to Target Coronavirus

By Contact Pharma Staff | 04.28.20

Helps accelerate treatment development prior to clinical trials

MedPharm has expanded its testing models to support pharmaceutical development programs targeting Coronavirus treatments. These models allow companies to assess therapeutic effectiveness in nasal, airway (bronchial) and deep lung (alveolar) epithelia against members of the Coronaviridae family. This work will help to de-risk development programs and screen drugs for therapeutic effectiveness to accelerate development prior to clinical trials.
These models are based on air liquid interface tissue culture of primary human cells from different regions of the respiratory system which are then infected with relevant corona viral strains.
“Finding effective new treatments quickly for these viral infections is imperative in these extraordinary times,” said Jon Lenn, chief technology officer, MedPharm.
Jon Volmer, MedPharm’s senior director of research biology and innovation, said, “We are looking forward to applying such a useful high throughput model to the development of new therapies for current and future coronaviruses.”