MilliporeSigma Launches Parteck COAT Excipient

MilliporeSigma Launches Parteck COAT Excipient

Michelle Quinn of MilliporeSigma discusses the company’s new excipient designed for immediate release film coating applications

Michelle Quinn, Technology Manager, Formulations at MilliporeSigma discusses the company’s new product launch, Parteck COAT Excipient , a new functional material designed for immediate release film coating applications.

Parteck COAT is a particle engineered polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with a unique particle structure that enables rapid dissolution even at low temperatures leading to an increased process efficiency. According to the company, the water-soluble particle offers reliable Batch -to-batch consistency, contributing to the quality and performance of the final Drug Product .
Parteck COAT offers low viscosity in Solution , even at high concentrations of 20 percent. According to the company, compared with existing PVAs for coating applications, Parteck COAT has the potential to double the polymer concentration and cut the process time in half along with providing a stable moisture barrier to improve Stability of moisture-sensitive drug substances,surface finishing to increase the value of drug formulations, and a high concentration of spraying liquid to increase coating Efficacy .
ParteckCOAT is compliant with the requirements of all major pharmacopoeias, including United States Pharmacopoeia ( USP ), European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.), Chinese Pharmacopoeia (ChP) and Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients (JPE). 
The new excipient will be incorporated into MilliporeSigma’s Emprove program, which provides customers with online access to regulatory and technical information about the excipient and more than 400 other chemicals, as well as filters and single-use components to facilitate risk assessment and qualification processes.

Michelle Quinn, Technology Manager-Formulation, Americas
Michelle Quinn joined MilliporeSigma in January 2008.  For the past eight years, Michelle has been the Field Marketing Specialist/Technology Manager for the active and formulation division supporting liquid, semi-solid and Solid Dosage formulation. The first three years with MilliporeSigma, Michelle worked as the application chemist for the cosmetic actives division. Prior to joining MilliporeSigma, Michelle worked for Rohto Mentholatum Research as a formulation chemist.
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