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      Clean any tote or IBC in 2-7 minutes

    • Validation

    • Big Tanks Require Big Cleaning Muscle

      Ken Putnam, Director of Cellar Operations at a winery in California, was using non-Gamajet rotary impingement machines to clean the interiors of large wine storage and fermentation tanks.

    • Gamajet PowerFlex Reduces Vessel Cleaning from 18 Hours Down to 23 Minutes

      A pharmaceutical company in Alabama had Gamajet in for a demonstration of their Aseptic 6 model.

    • Reduced Chemical Usage and Time Spent Cleaning at a Personal Care Plant

      A Personal Care Facility located in Memphis, Tennessee utilized a series of 8 storage tanks and process vessels, each with center agitators.

    • APIs | Drug Delivery | Toxicology
      Generic Preformulation of Drug in Adhesive Patches

      Generic Preformulation of Drug in Adhesive Patches

      New delivery forms create new challenges
      Mike Bly, Ph.D. 03.04.09