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4122 S. Grove Rd.
Spokane, WA 99224
United States

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Unicep is a trusted partner in manufacturing and packaging oral and topical liquid consumer health care products including over the counter (OTC) Medicines across many markets. Using our advanced liquid filling technology we can offer ready-to-use, single–dose containers that provide mess-free dispensing of a broad range of products suitable for key consumer categories including analgesics, digestive health, feminine products, first aid, foot care, nutritional supplements, and skin health. In a highly competitive marketplace, the success of a new product depends on as much on the right delivery system as on the formulation itself. Unicep specializes in providing innovative packaging solutions to meet the most rigorous demands of consumer health care products. With the most consumer-preferred formats and our manufacturing expertise, we can help your brands grow with uniquely tailored solutions.

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