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    • API Manufacturing

      In addition to Wockhardt's development and finished dosage form capabilities, we boast a state-of-the-art cGMP compliant API manufacturing facility approved by the USFDA and UKMHRA. Key Manufacturing Capabilities & Attributes: State-of…
      Services Released on 03.15.2013

    • Specialised Products

      With Wockhardt's state of the art sterile injectable facility based in Wrexham in the UK, we are able to handle and process controlled drug substances with its long established UK Home Office license (Schedule 1 & 2). At the request of the cl…
      Services Released on 03.15.2013

    • Sachets & Powders

      The recent acquisition of Pinewood Healthcare in Southern Ireland has expanded Wockhardt's production capabilities for: Non Beta-Lactam Sachets & Powders (Non-Penicillin Powders) Oral Liquids and Suspensions Creams and Ointment…
      Services Released on 03.15.2013

    • Liquids, Ointments & Creams

      Pinewood Healthcare in Southern Ireland has expanded Wockhardt's production capabilities for non beta-lactam sachets & non-penecilin powders, oral liquids / suspensions, creams and ointments. Established in 1976, Pinewood employs 350-400 peo…
      Services Released on 03.15.2013

    • Solid Dose Products

      With over twenty-five years of experience, Wockhardt is equipped with all the expertise necessary to supply quality solid dose formats to our clients. Our Solid Dose facilities provide manufacturing and packing for both plain tablets and film or su…
      Services Released on 03.15.2013

    • Lyophilisation

      Our Indian plant offers a purpose built, fully automated lyophilisation facility consisting of two 30m² freeze-driers, a total of 60m² freeze-drying capacity. Utilising the latest technology, this facility will offer scale-up and commercial…
      Services Released on 03.15.2013

    • Sterile Injectable Products

      Utilising the extensive production facilities at Wockhardt, we have been manufacturing sterile injectable products for our clients for over twenty-five years. Wockhardt is already partner of choice for the manufacturing of a major new patented US dr…
      Services Released on 03.15.2013

    • Wockhardt Facilities

      Specialists in the development and Contract Manufacture of pharmaceuticals - Wockhardt - UK - Pinewood - Ireland - Negma Laboratories - France - Morton Grove - USA - Baddi, Himachal Pradesh - Biotech Park (Formulation I & II) - Waluj Cephalospor…
      Literature / Brochures Released on 03.15.2013

    • Scale-up & Technology Transfer

      Wockhardt understands that good technology transfer practice is essential to complement good manufacturing practice. Our process is second to none in delivering exceptional quality. The goal of the technology transfer process is to establish consiste…
      Services Released on 03.15.2013

    • Technical Development

      Pre Formulation & Formulation Development: With scale-up, technology transfer and commercialisation at the forefront of our thoughts, we are able to optimise your molecules development in line with your marketing and time-line requirements. Wockh…
      Services Released on 03.15.2013

    • Business Management & Project Management

      Wockhardt's Business & Project Managers are the window to our company. They work closely with development and operational groups to ensure your timelines are met. The Business & Project Managers are responsible for ensuring communication…
      Services Released on 03.15.2013