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Thermo Scientific Launches Orbitrap ID-X with Mass Spec Software


Aims to streamline and accelerate small-molecule characterization

Brought together by Thermo Fisher Scientific’s collaboration with HighChem, Mass Frontier 8.0 software aims to enable analysts to rapidly deconvolute and search information-rich, MSn mass spectrometric data produced during the identification and structural characterization of small-molecule unknown compounds and their fragments. Thermo Fisher is showcasing its latest chromatography and mass spectrometry solutions at AAPS 2018, booth 418.

“Small-molecule unknown compound identification and analysis using mass spectrometry generates large quantities of complex data, which is labor intensive and time-consuming to process and confidently turn into knowledge,” said Iain Mylchreest, vice president, research and development, analytical instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Through its powerful algorithms and fully-curated knowledge databases of spectral and fragmentation data that covers 95% of all published fragmentation pathways, Mass Frontier 8.0 software accelerates small-molecule characterization.”

“We have been using the Mass Frontier software for over 10 years in the UC Davis Fiehn Lab and think every mass spectrometrist should have a copy of Mass Frontier software,” said Dr. Tobias Kind, Genome Center, Metabolomics, University of California, Davis. “The functionality of mzCloud integration, as well as the look and design, is well-organized and intuitive.”