AGC Biologics Expands Capacity at Denmark Facility


Strategic expansion will meet increasing global demand for biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing

As part of its global expansion strategy, AGC Biologics is increasing manufacturing capacity at its Copenhagen, Denmark facility.

The Copenhagen facility will add a single-use bioreactor (SUB) 6Pack suite, consisting of six 2000L production bioreactors and a 2000L seed train. The addition of this proprietary bioreactor configuration will enable more flexible, innovative and customized cGMP production capabilities, offering scales from 2000L to 12000L within a single run. The six bioreactors will be run in single unit operations or in groups; simultaneously, sequentially or staggered; to meet each client's specific production needs.

The expansion also includes additional capabilities for harvesting, purification, buffer and media production that will support the processing of different therapeutic proteins, including high antibody titer processes. The new suites are scheduled to be online in November 2018, and are expected to support the manufacturing of several commercial products.

"We're very pleased to implement this important capital expansion that addresses our clients' evolving needs for increased capacity and customization in development and production," said Gustavo Mahler, president and chief executive officer, AGC Biologics. "The investment in our Copenhagen site enables AGC Biologics to offer more production capabilities within accelerated timelines, while continuing to provide our deep industry expertise, continuous innovation and proven technical excellence."