WuXi Biologics Executive Receives Service Award


Dr. Chiang Syin, chief quality officer, received the Foreign Post Service Award for his contributions in the FDA China Office

WuXi Biologics announced that Dr. Chiang Syin, chief quality officer of WuXi Biologics, was honored with the “Foreign Post Service Award” for his contributions in the FDA China Office.

The FDA Honor Awards include different categories which are designed to highlight the extraordinary expertise demonstrated by employees of the FDA and these employees’ commitment to ensure and improve public health. From 2012 to February 2017, Dr. Chiang Syin served as the FDA Associate Country Director managing the Office’s drug and device inspection program in China.

At the 58th Annual FDA Honor Awards Ceremony, Dr. Chiang Syin received the “Foreign Post Service Award” for his dedicated commitment, contributions, and personal sacrifice to furthering the FDA’s mission in China.

Dr. Chiang Syin has nearly 30 years of experience in FDA regulatory review and GMP compliance of biological and biotech products. Dr. Syin has been actively involved in FDA drug/biologics regulatory policy and guidance development that includes drafting Vaccines CMC and Phase I GMP guidance documents as well as the 2011 Process Validation guidance revision.

“Congratulations to Dr. Syin on the ‘Foreign Post Service Award’. This award recognizes his leading efforts in improving the drug and device inspection programs in China,” said Dr. Chris Chen, chief executive officer of WuXi Biologics, “WuXi Biologics is committed to maintaining a global enabling platform with the highest quality standards to expedite global development of biologics. We believe Dr. Syin’s rich experience in biologics quality and compliance will accelerate our path to build a world-class quality organization.”