Exelead at Contracting & Outsourcing 2018


Alexander Aust, Sr. Business Operations Associate at Exelead Biopharma, details the company's molecule to market capabilities

Exelead Biopharma provides contract manufacturing services with an emphasis on complex liposomal and PEGylated formulations. They help companies from small, venture startups through medium size companies, and is structured to handle small batches and formulations meant for rare disease or small populations. 
Exelead's manufacturing operation integrates clean room standards and cold-chain processes, and can help to put the finishing touches on your formulation, fulfill your clinical trial process, and manage your complex logistics and delivery chain. 
A silver sponsor of this year’s Contracting & Outsourcing Conference, Exelead also manufactures drugs that are being tested or are approved for market throughout Europe, as well as for the United States, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, Australia, Chile, Columbia and Japan. For more information, please visit their website by clicking here.