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Ashland Introduces New Tablet Technology


Helps make tablets easier to swallow with Klucel EXF Ultra HPC, a low friability, high strength binder

Ashland is introducing Klucel EXF Ultra HPC, an ultra-fine particle size, premier tablet binder during CPhI North America.
Pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to search for solutions that save costs and ensure formulation predictability, reliability and robustness. According to the company, Klucel EXF Ultra HPC exhibits binder efficiency, compressibility and plasticity with enhanced tablet strength and low friability at usage levels as low as one to two percent.
A growing concern for geriatric and pediatric patient populations continues to be swallowability. Klucel EXF Ultra HPC aims to tackle this concern, providing lower use levels that enable manufacturers to create smaller, easier-to-swallow tablets. Additional features including enhanced hardness and improved friability may also enable cost savings through potential reductions in defect rates.
“We are excited to add Klucel EXF Ultra HPC to our tablet binder portfolio for oral solid dosage formulations,” said Thomas Hanson, global business manager, pharmaceutical specialties, Ashland. “Binders are an essential element in the formulation of tablets, and Ashland solvers are dedicated to answering the toughest challenges and exceeding expectations of our customers. Klucel EXF Ultra HPC is a tablet binder that tackles the most difficult to compress active pharmaceutical ingredients, providing high efficiency and strength and low friability.”
For years, Klucel has been a product of choice for direct compression and dry granulation. “Ashland introduced hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC), an excipient that changed the oral drug delivery model, to the market over 65 years ago,” said Deneen Law, marketing director, pharmaceutical specialties, Ashland. “Now, Ashland renews its focus on improving manufacturing costs and patient-centric drug delivery by taking tablet binding effectiveness to the next level with Klucel EXF Ultra HPC.”
Ashland is exhibiting at CPhI North America at booth 113.