Stevanato, Duoject Enter Auto-injector Collaboration


Partnership to promote and manufacture the emergency-use ‘Maverick’ auto-injector.

Italian-based Stevanato Group, a producer of glass primary packaging and provider of integrated capabilities for combination products, and Duoject Medical Systems, a Canadian-based developer of drug delivery systems, have formed an exclusive partnership to collaborate on providing biopharmaceutical clients a more complete and comprehensive solution to an emergency-use auto-injector. 
The Maverick auto-injector was designed by Duoject Medical Systems, focusing on improving the functionality of auto-injectors to enhance disease management and treatment. Maverick is an innovative cartridge-based auto-injector with intuitive two-step triggered automatic injection and needle retraction. Its user-friendly design allows an easier activation while the needle is not exposed and automatically retracted after injection. Mechanical robustness is a key feature of Maverick, utilizing a highly resistant glass cartridge, which makes it suitable for emergency use where effective and fast intramuscular injection is required.
Stevanato Group is working closely with Duoject Medical Systems to promote this device to biopharmaceutical clients that are looking for a suitable auto-injector which is cartridge-based rather than PFS-based and taking into consideration the automatic needle insertion and retraction design of the device. For each client further refinement of the design is expected as well as related customization by designers and engineers at Duoject Medical Systems. Design for manufacturing (Dfm), and design for assembly, (DfA), will be supported by Stevanato Group.
The final device design for clinical trial and commercial launch will be produced at Stevanato Group’s ISO13485 and FDA audited manufacturing facility in Germany, a key location within the Group for the manufacturing of self-injection devices like auto-injectors. Sub-assembly and final assembly equipment will be primarily produced by Stevanato Group operations in Denmark. Novocol Pharma, parent company of Duoject Medical Systems, will provide extensive support to related biopharmaceutical companies in terms of formulation, fill & finish and final assembly of the auto-injector.
“Duoject is pleased to announce its second drug delivery device collaboration with Stevanato Group, following the announcement of the EZ-Link vial adapter partnership earlier this year,” said Atif Zia, president, Duoject Medical Systems. “Maverick will provide patented user safety features preventing accidental injections in the thumb and improved ease of use in emergency situations. The design of the device results from Duoject’s decades of experience developing cartridge-based drug delivery systems. The device has a granted patent in the USA and is patent pending in several additional countries. With our complementary capabilities, Duoject and Stevanato Group will deliver exceptional value and innovation for auto-injector clients, worldwide.”
Steven Kaufman, vice president of drug delivery systems, Stevanato Group, said, “Stevanato Group has the largest global manufacturing capabilities of high-quality glass cartridges for injection devices in the world today. And we supply these cartridges to almost all key biopharmaceutical companies with combination products launched in the market. Most marketed auto-injectors are designed for use with prefilled syringes and that has been a very effective strategy. But for some formulations and use cases, utilizing a cartridge-based injection device has some distinct advantages. With Maverick we can merge our unique primary packaging expertise with our molding, tooling and assembly capabilities, expanding the range of choices in the market today for emergency applications through a reliable and robust auto-injector.”