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Site Selection Criteria for Contract Service Providers
September 25, 2012
Developing the Corporate Manufacturing Strategy 1.Evaluating the make vs. buy decision 2.How much of the supply chain should be outsourced? 3.What is the expected outcome of outsourcing? … Begin with the End in Mind. 4.The manufacturing strategy should be in the transferring company’s Business Plan. The manufacturing strategy can make or break your company  Read More »
Are CMOs Winning the War Against In-House Capacity?
Jim Miller
September 25, 2012
Manufacturing is strategic Manufacturing is a core competency  Bio/pharma is a product business  IP is only a means to an end  Manufacturing is critical to business success  Read More »
Building a Virtual Pharma Infrastructure
John Peck
September 25, 2012
To become a World Class Specialty Pharmaceutical Company that develops and commercializes proprietary formulations of the most commonly prescribed anesthesiology products in order to reduce medication errors.  Read More »
Inspectional Trends
Addam S. Reynolds
September 25, 2012
3 Objectives •Identify significant trends in Inspectional Observations –Identify Trends across the Agency, both foreign and domestic –Identify Trends within New Jersey District •Provide Examples  Read More »
Defined Contributions: Measuring Alliance Mgmt
David S. Thompson
September 25, 2012
A foundation of active alliance execution including the strategic influence of decision-making processes enhanced by heavy problem-solving involvement, enables alliance professionals to contribute to the overall value of their organizations.  Read More »
What is Rx-360 and why should you get involved?
September 25, 2012
“Rx-360s current members are pioneers that are building the type of global, all embracing industry group of the 21st century. Rx-360 is working to ensure that patients everywhere can enjoy the benefits of globalization safely.”  Read More »

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