Contract Services Directory

Packaging, Form/Fill/Seal Parenterals, Cartridge Filling
Parenterals, Syringe Filling Parenterals, Vial Filling
Particle Size Analysis Particle Size Classification
Patient Recruitment Pharmacogenomics
Pharmacokinetics Pharmacology
Photostability Parenterals, Ampule Filling
Parenterals Development Packaging, Unit Dosage
Packaging, Injectables Packaging, Labels
Packaging, Liquids Packaging, OTC
Packaging, Parenterals Packaging, Powders
Packaging, RFID Labeling Packaging, Samples
Packaging, Services, Other Packaging, Solid Dosage
Physical Testing Pilot-Scale Filling
QA/QC R&D Services
Radiopharmaceuticals Raw Materials Analysis
Recruiting/Hiring Regulatory Affairs Consultants
RFID Tracking RNAi Technology
Scale-Up Screening, Classifying
Purification Protein Synthesis, Solid State
Protein Synthesis Polymerase Chain Reaction
Preclinical Study Design Preclinical Testing
Preclinical Testing Formulations Preformulation
Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Process Development/Scale-Up Services
Process R&D Process Validation Studies
Protein Extraction/Purification Serialization
Manufacturing, OTC Manufacturing, Tablets
Manufacturing, Topicals Manufacturing, Vaccines
Mass Spectrometry Materials Analysis
Medical/Clinical Studies Medicinal Chemistry
Metabolic Analysis Methods Development
Methods Validation Manufacturing, Syringes, Pre-filled
Manufacturing, Sustained Release Manufacturing, Solutions & Suspensions
Manufacturing, Other Manufacturing, Parenterals, Large Volume
Manufacturing, Parenterals, Small Volume Manufacturing, Peptides
Manufacturing, Powders, Non-Sterile Manufacturing, Powders, Sterile
Manufacturing, Proteins Manufacturing, Semisolids
Manufacturing, Soft Gels Manufacturing, Solid Dosage
Micro FT-IR Analysis Microbiological Control Services
Packaging, Blister, Cold Form Packaging, Capsules
Packaging, Certification Packaging, Clinical Trial Materials
Packaging, Clinical Trials Packaging, Consultants
Packaging, Creams & Ointments Packaging, Design & Testing
Packaging, Development Packaging, Electronic Pedigree
Packaging, Blister Packaging, Anti-Counterfeiting
Packaging Equipment Microbiological Testing
Microencapsulation Micronization
Microscopic Analysis Mixing & Blending
Mixing And Granulating Equipment Mycoplasma Testing
Nonclinical Research Nutritional Support Analysis
Organic Synthesis Packaging, Equipment, Custom
Validation, Services Trays, Soft Gel Drying
Packaging, Compliance Manufacturing, API, High Potency
Manufacturing, Antibody-Drug Conjugates Microdosing
Manufacturing, Aerosol Environmental Monitoring
Hot Melt Extrusion 505(b)(2)
Process Characterization Trays, Vial Filling
Laboratory Glassware Washers X-Ray Spectroscopy
Virology Vitamin Analysis
Warehousing Water Testing: Chemical
Water Testing: Microbiology Water Treatment Consulting
Wet Chemical Analysis X-Ray Crystallography
X-Ray Fluorescence X-Ray Powder Diffraction
Formulation, Controlled Release Manufacturing, Biologics
Particle Characterization Pharmacodynamics
Pharmacovigilance Project Management
Quality Control Testing Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Auditing Cleaning Equipment
Tank Equipment Tank Cleaning
Packaging, Pouches Packaging, Closures
Measuring & Testing Technology Microbial Fermentation
Mammalian Cell Culture Manufacturing, Inhalables
Manufacturing, Nasal Delivery Lipids/Phospholipids
Manufacturing, Nutraceuticals Animal Health
Chromatography Manufacturing, Suppositories
Manufacturing, Veterinary Flavors
Shipping Supplier, Excipients
Supplier, Fine Chemicals Supplier, Glass
Supplier, Primary Packaging Materials Supplier, Raw Materials
Supplier, Secondary Packaging Materials Sustained Release Delivery Systems
Syringe Filling System Integration
Tablet Coating Supplier, Equipment
Storage Sterilization
Site Selection Size Reduction
Software Spray Drying
Stability Studies Stability, ICH
Statistical Analysis Stem Cells
Sterile Filling Sterility Testing
Tablet Compression Tooling Tablet Press Control Systems
Training Training: CGMP/HPB/FDA Compliance
Training: Process Validation Training: Safety
Transdermals/Transmucosals Translation Services
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Analysis Validation, Clinical
Validation, Equipment Cleaning Validation, Filtration
Trace Metal Analysis, ICP Toxicology Services & Analysis
Torque Testing Tablet Press Refurbishing
Tablet Press Replacement Parts Tablet Presses
Tablet Punches And Dies Target Profiling
Technology Transfer Thermogravimetric Analysis
Thermoplastic Extrusion Thermoplastic Molding
Third Party Logistics (3PL) Validation, Manufacturing
Manufacturing, Orally Dispersible Tablet Clean In Place / Sterilization In Place (CIP/SIP)
Commercial Drug Sourcing Commissioning
Comparator Drug Blinding Comparator Drug Purchasing
Construction Services/Management Consulting
Consulting, Audits & Inspections Consulting, Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E)
Consulting, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Consulting, Process Excellence
Cold Chain Management Coating & Lamination
CMC (Chemistry, Manfacturing & Controls) Clean Room Equipment And Supplies
Clean Room Services Clinical Analysis
Clinical Monitoring Clinical Supply Management
Clinical Trials Management Clinical Trials, Phase I
Clinical Trials, Phase II Clinical Trials, Phase III
Clinical Trials, Phase IV Consulting, Quality Management Systems
Consulting, Records Management Custom Sourcing
Custom Synthesis Data Management
Database Systems Disinfectants
Disposable Device Development & Manufacturing Dissolution Testing
Distillation Distribution, Clinical Trials
Distribution, Commercial Custom Protocols
Custom Processors Custom Media Development
Consulting, Regulatory Consulting, Six Sigma
Container Testing Contaminant Analysis
Contract Development And Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) Contract Packaging
Contract Research Contract Sales Organizations
Custom Fabricators Custom Manufacturing
DMF Establishment / Maintenance Accelerated Stability Studies
Automated Pharmacology Bar Coding
Behavioral Monitoring Bioanalytical Analysis LC/MS/MS
Bioanalytical Services Bioavailability Studies
Biocatalysis Biodiagnostic Manufacturing & Devices
Biodiagnostic Process Development Biological Testing
Auditing Assay Development
Aseptic Processing ADMET
Aerosol Filling Agglomeration
Analytical Laboratory Services Analytical Methods Development
Analytical Validation Studies Animal Model Services
Anti-Counterfeiting Technology API Solubilization Technologies
Architectural Services Biologics Manufacturing
Biologics Process Development Central Lab Services
CGMP Synthesis Chemical Analysis
Chemical Cleaning Chemicals And Raw Materials
Chemistry, Combinatorial Chemistry, Computational
Chemistry, Medicinal Chiral Separations, R&D
Chromatographic Analysis, LC/GC Cell Line Construction & Development
Cell Culture Media Development Calibration
Biomarker Research & Validation Biomarker Research – Tissue Based
Biometrics Bioprocess Validation
Bioprocessing Bioprocessing, Disposable/Single-Use
Biosimilars/Biobetters Biostatistics
Blending Blood Sampling
CIP Process Systems Imaging
IT, Process Automation IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
Laboratory Equipment And Supplies Lead Optimization
Library Synthesis Litigation Support & Discovery
Logistics Lot Release Testing
Lyophilization Machinery Design And Construction
IT, Outsourcing Services IT, LIMS
IT, Data Collection Immunobiology Services
Immunotoxicity Testing In Vitro Testing
In Vivo Testing IND/NDA Submissions
Informatics Investigator Recruitment
IT, 21CFR11 / Annex 11 IT, CAD/CAM
IT, Clinical Trials Management Manufacturing Equipment And Supplies
Manufacturing, API Manufacturing, Gels
Manufacturing, Generics Manufacturing, High Containment Operations
Manufacturing, Injectables Manufacturing, Laboratory Equipment
Manufacturing, Liquids Manufacturing, Lyophilized Products
Manufacturing, Microbial-based Therapeutic Proteins Manufacturing, Oligonucleotides
Manufacturing, Ophthalmics Manufacturing, Ethical
Manufacturing, Dose Form, Sterile Manufacturing, Dose Form, Non-Sterile
Manufacturing, Aseptic Fill/Finish Manufacturing, Bioequivalence
Manufacturing, Capsules Manufacturing, Cartridges
Manufacturing, Clinical Trials Supply Manufacturing, Consultants
Manufacturing, Controlled Substances Manufacturing, Creams & Ointments
Manufacturing, Custom Manufacturing, Cytoxic & High Potency Compounds
Manufacturing, Oral Drug Delivery Documentation Support Services
Encapsulation Endotoxin Testing & Removal
Engineering And Design Services Enterprise Resource Planning
Environmental Analysis European QP
Excipients Expert Testimony
Extractables / Leachables Testing Facility Construction
Electronic Data Management Electronic Data Capture
Efficacy Testing Dosage Form Development
Downstream Processing Drug Delivery Systems
Drug Design Drug Development Services
Drug Discovery Support Services Drug Screening
E-Commerce E-Pedigree
Economic Development Organizations Facility Design
Facility Management Services Formulation Services
Fragment-Based Screening Gene Therapy & Testing Protocols
Genomics And Screening GLP Auditing
GMP Auditing Granulation
Hazardous Waste Analysis & Testing Hazardous Waste Management
High Throughput Screening Formulation Development
Forced Degradation Studies Fluid Bed Processing
Facility Planning Feasibility Studies
Fermentation Filling, Ampule
Filling, Capsule Filling, Syringe
Filling, Vial Filtration Equipment & Supplies
Filtration Services Filtration Testing And Certification