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9 Polito Ave Suite 900
Lyndhurst, NJ, 07071
United States

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Phone: 732-317-0620
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Company Description

Suzhou Pharma Services, based in Lyndhurst, NJ offers contract development and manufacturing of oral solid dosage products at its FDA approved and China sFDA licensed facility in Suzhou, China. Suzhou Pharma Services can deliver not only cost savings and high quality products for Western and Global Markets, but also a local manufacturing solution for access to the growing Chinese pharmaceutical market.

Our Company
Suzhou Pharma Services is a contract development and manufacturing organization focused on oral solid dose forms including those that are challenging to formulate and manufacture such as oral controlled release products. The company's primary manufacturing site is located in Suzhou, China and is licensed by the Chinese sFDA and the US FDA. The management team in China is comprised of highly experienced, Western trained leaders, averaging 20+ years experience with multi-national branded and generic pharmaceutical companies.

Working with Suzhou Pharma Services provides customers with numerous benefits: reliable service, responsiveness, an absolute dedication to product quality and regulatory compliance, a skilled technical team and a highly competitive Chinese cost structure. Whether customers seek manufacturing for Western markets or products for the growing Chinese market produced under the highest standards of cGMP, Suzhou Pharma Services can provide a cost effective, high quality solution.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide our customers with complete satisfaction from reliably supplying quality solutions for their oral solid dose product development and manufacturing needs. We combine Western pharmaceutical experience and expertise with Chinese efficiency, and as one of the first finished dose Chinese facilities approved by the US FDA, we provide a very attractive value proposition.

Our vision is to build a growing, next generation contract manufacturing organization by consistently exceeding our customers' expectations for service, technical execution, quality and compliance.

Our Advantage

Western Style Management
Suzhou Pharma Services is defined by the Western Style Management and influence we have within our China operations. This leadership aids our efforts in exceeding quality expectations, regulatory compliance, cGMP, sFDA and US FDA regulations, all while maintaining the cost-management and cost-efficiency associated with manufacturing in China. We recruited and educated our Chinese workforce with the knowledge and process standards of western pharmaceutical companies to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

Industry-Standard Equipment
Suzhou Pharma Services uses the same high-quality industry-standard equipment as pharmaceutical companies in Western markets from manufacturer's such as Bosch, Glatt, and PTK, thus facilitating a seamless technical transfer of your products for outsourcing. Specific equipment includes fluid bed, granulation and coating, high speed tablet press (bilayer) and high speed capsule filler.

Western-Style Quality & Service
At Suzhou Pharma Services, we offer our customers the best of both East and West, allowing them to benefit from the cost-management and cost-efficiency of manufacturing in China, while being able to count on the quality and service of the best Western companies.

Our leadership is made up of Western or Western-trained pharmaceutical executives with decades of combined industry experience, and they ensure that the high standards of quality and consistency you have come to expect from a sourcing partner. Suzhou Pharma Services commitment to cGMP standards and industry-standard equipment, as well as our US FDA and China sFDA regulatory approvals, means that we can provide your projects with a seamless production process while still offering the budget-conscious advantages of Chinese outsourcing.

Moreover, for companies based in the United States we offer local contact points and project management from our New Jersey offices.

Service Offerings

We offer development and manufacturing services for a broad range of tablet dosages, including Immediate Release, Modified Release, Coated, and Bilayer.

At Suzhou Pharma Services, we're experts at capsule manufacturing. If your project calls for Immediate Release or Modified Release capsules, we have the knowledge and experience to make your product a success.

Formulating and manufacturing coated pellets can be a significant technical challenge but is a core competancy at Suzhou Pharma Services. Our formulators and technical experts are veterans of the pharmaceutical industry, with experiences gained from working with leading companies in the US, India and China. For example, we have the technical know how and expertise in formulating and developing multi-particular dosage forms based on Wurster costing technology. Such an approach enables the development of finished dosage forms with verstaile release proiles.

At Suzhou Pharma Services main facility, we're able to offer our customers a full suite of packaging services that will help them get their product to market faster and more efficiently. We do our packaging in-house, allowing us to control every step of the process and ensure a superior level of quality. This means that our customers not only receive faster, more cost-effective turnarounds on their projects, but they also receive the quality of work their projects deserve. Our packaging engineers work closely with our customers to develop a packaging strategy that best fits their needs. Regardless of the complexity of the product, we devise the best possible solution for any specific dosage type.