Techceuticals Talks with Contract Pharma

Techceuticals Talks with Contract Pharma

Mike Tousey gives insight on the courses that Techceuticals offers to pharma professionals, as well as in-depth lab features


Techceuticals chief executive officer, Mike Tousey, gave Contract Pharma an in depth look at the services they provide for industry professionals. 

The company's Cleveland, OH headquarters is set up to help with the development of products. It features a full, solid dose laboratory with machinery from many reputable industry companies, including Fette, Natoli, and Glatt. 

Additionally, each month, Techceuticals offers alternating classes, including an advanced tableting class called "Tablet Pro," as well as a class called, "The Manufacturing Process." The courses are designed to give people hands on experience in a teamwork friendly environment, and equip professionals with knowledge and skills that they can then take back to their own labs.
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