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OSO Bio Invests In Aseptic Filling Suite

May 1, 2012

Adds Bosch equipment

OSO BioPharmaceuticals Manufacturing LLC is investing more than $5 million in equipment and infrastructural improvements that include a new Grade A aseptic filling suite for liquid, suspension and lyophilized products.

The rolling diaphragm pump-filling suite, manufactured by Bosch, comes equipped with optional rotary piston and peristaltic pumps. According to the company, it will function at 115% of the previous line’s capacity, increasing the speed and efficiency to deliver drug products to clients.

The new line has the ability to conduct non-destructive online weight tests for greater precision and yield, and its restricted access barrier system, according to the company, minimizes risk of cross-contamination and diminishes potential occupational exposure.

 “This state-of-the-art filling suite represents a substantial investment in the future – the future of OsoBio, as well as the futures of the pharmaceutical clients we serve,” said Milton Boyer, president. “It allows OsoBio to manufacture drugs in a better, smarter and faster manner, while ensuring high-quality product and the safety of patients and employees alike. This is an exciting new addition to OsoBio’s facility.”

The new line produces sterile liquid, suspension and lyophilized formulations in vial sizes ranging from 2cc to 100cc. The Bosch equipment includes: an RRU 3084/44 high-performance container washing machine, an HQL 4480S drying and sterilization tunnel, an FLC 3080 filling and closing machine, a GLT 4040 tray loader, and a TRL1030 tray loader. The new filling suite is expected to be fully validated and operational by late August.
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