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MonoSol, BiondVax in Flu Vax Formulation Pact

November 7, 2012

Will use PharmFilm platform for oral delivery

MonoSol Rx has entered into a partnership with BiondVax to develop an oral film formulation of BiondVax' flu vaccine, M-001, using MonoSol's PharmFilm delivery platform. This needle-free vaccine delivery aims to improve ease of use, increase compliance and simplify distribution.
The collaboration will conduct studies using MonoSol's PharmFilm technology to investigate the activity and formulation of BiondVax flu vaccine when delivered in an oral film.
A. Mark Schobel, co-president and chief executive officer of MonoSol Rx, said, "We believe in the significant advantages PharmFilm can offer in the delivery of a broad range of vaccines. We view this partnership with BiondVax as an opportunity to demonstrate the clear advantages our proprietary PharmFilm technology platform offers the vaccine industry. The oral, needle-free delivery of film offers patients greater compliance and ease of use. Storage and distribution will also be enhanced by the film formulation, which is stable at room temperature, making vaccination easier for large numbers of patients across the country."
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