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ICON Central Labs Doubles Storage Capacity

November 12, 2012

Expands biospecimen management

ICON has expanded the biorepository capacity in its central laboratory in Farmingdale, NY, doubling its sample storage capacity globally and supporting long-term sample storage for clinical trials.
The biorepository facilities store a range of specimens, including plasma, serum, whole blood, RNA, DNA, peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC), urine and tissue at frozen storage conditions of -20°C, -70°C, -80°C, and -150°C liquid nitrogen, across the entire lifecycle from collection and processing to final disposal.
“We’re investing in this expansion to meet our sponsor’s biorepository needs and because we believe that long-term preservation of samples is essential for the future of drug development, in particular for personalized medicine strategies that foresee an ever-increasing need for downstream analysis,” said Tom O’Leary, president, ICON Central Laboratories. “The co-location of our biorepository services with our central labs in North America, Europe, Singapore and India is critical, as it allows for future analysis while minimizing the risks and costs associated with transporting samples.”