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ICON Launches iSite Portal

November 27, 2012

Provides access to electronic lab reports for active studies

ICON has launched iSite, a secure web-based portal that provides investigators with 24-hour access to study-specific lab information from ICON Central Laboratories. iSite allows investigators and site personnel to access electronic lab reports for active studies at any time. It includes user navigation, filtering and report management with customized views of reports by study, site, subject or visit date. The portal also includes email alert functionality as new reports become available.
“We are continuously looking to introduce innovative technology solutions that drive efficiency and improve performance,” commented Tom O’Leary, President, ICON Central Laboratories. “iSite provides investigators a much needed solution for accessing important study-specific information in the most rapid, secure and convenient way possible.”
The company is also working on a future release of iSite that will provide sites with study-specific performance metrics and additional tools such as customized electronic lab manuals, which will be created by ICON’s Firecrest technology.