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Hovione, Solvias in Solubility Pact

November 28, 2012

Aims to overcome poor bioavailability

Hovione and Solvias have entered a collaboration to develop and supply GMP pharmaceutical co-crystals, with the goal of overcoming poor bioavailability and other drug delivery challenges. Hovione will employ its particle engineering technologies to supply GMP materials from Phase I to commercial scale. Solvias will provide access to its co-crystallization expertise and capabilities.
“We are delighted to announce this collaboration with Solvias increasing the breadth of drug delivery solutions through our Particle Design offering. Solvias has a tremendous reputation for science, quality and expertise in crystal design for improved drug performance. This agreement reinforces our strategy of combining strengths with innovative companies to allow our customers a seamless and integrated approach to their drug delivery challenges.” said Dr. Colin Minchom, Hovione’s vice president of Particle Design.
Dr. Martina Diekmann, Solvias’ global head of business development analytics, said, “Solvias is delighted to work with Hovione. In establishing this agreement with Hovione, we are able to generate added value for our customers and to help them solving their drug delivery requirements.”