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Bend Alliance Develops Thermostable Vax Technology

November 29, 2012

To develop a commercial process for flu vaccine production

Bend Research, PATH, and Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology (FhCMB) have developed a new technology for thermostable vaccine production. The technology uses novel formulation and spray-drying processing methods, allowing the partners to develop a spray-dried flu vaccine product that is stable at 50°C for more than two months. The technology can also be applied to emerging flu and other vaccines.  
The next phase of development for the partnership includes developing a commercially viable process for producing thermostable flu vaccines using this technology. This research is supported by a grant from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense and leverages earlier proof-of-concept work advanced by PATH.
“As an industry leader in spray-drying and the formulation of biotherapeutics, we are excited to work with PATH and FhCMB to address the unmet need for thermostable flu vaccines in developing countries,” said Rod Ray, chief executive officer of Bend Research. “This work aligns with our mission to advance the best new medicines to patients.”