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Vetter Receives Approval from Germany's Federal Aviation

December 12, 2012

Meets new EU supply chain regulations

Vetter has been approved as a “Known Consignor” by the German Federal Aviation Office following an audit of its Holbeinstrasse and Ravensburg Vetter West facilities. The approval is for air cargo products to be loaded, transported and delivered. Vetter had been designated as a “Known Consignor” in 2006.
The goal of the certification is to provide more security for air cargo. New EU regulations now require that companies have their status audited and approved by the Federal Aviation Office. The criteria for certification include elaborating a safety concept, training personnel, and the assurance that the shipping of freight is performed in a way that cannot be tampered with.
"Our approval as a ‘Known Consignor’ allows our customers fast and smooth loading of air freight packages at the airport, including a high level of security,” said managing director Thomas Otto. “Once time-consuming x-rays and searches are no longer necessary, saving invaluable effort and cost. For Vetter, the status of ‘Known Consignor’ is further proof of the high product quality that we offer our customers.”

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