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Abbott Expands Potent Capability

December 19, 2012

Adds granulation roller compactor

Abbott Laboratories has expanded its manufacturing capabilities for solid-dose potent and cytotoxic products, with the installation of a dry granulation roller compactor. The new compactor is housed in a dedicated manufacturing suite at the company’s multi-product potent facility in Sligo, Ireland.
According to the company, the new roller compactor offers precise process control, measuring all product quality relevant parameters (e.g., force, gap and roll speed) online that are calibrated and validated. The compactor has a floating gap for consistent compaction force and the gap and torque adjustments are automatic. The compactor features a glove box for dispensing materials, bin blenders, and a Comil for uniform size reduction, deagglomeration, and particle size dispersion.
"With the substantial growth today of oncology and other high potency drugs, Abbott continues to upgrade our potent facilities and equipment to better serve the industry," said Timothy O'Sullivan, technical operations manager of Abbott's Sligo, Ireland facility. "Our new roller compactor contributes greater efficiency, flexibility and quality to potent drug manufacturing and development, offering customers distinct advantages."

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