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Coating Place Receives Ion Resin Patents

January 7, 2013

Technology used for formulating sustained release liquid dosage forms

Coating Place, Inc. has been granted the third in a series of patents for delivering extended release drugs from ion exchange resins. The first two patents (U.S. 7,871,645 and 8,329,224) relate to the company’s technology for near quantitative utilization of the active drug, avoiding the loss of drug normally associated with equilibrium loading onto ion exchange resins.
According to the company, this is particularly useful with expensive or scarce drug entities and at higher drug loadings where efficient drug loading becomes more problematic. The third patent (U.S. 8,343,546) describes swelling of ion exchange resins using very low loadings of swelling agent distributed more efficiently and effectively.
All three patents are applicable to any drug suitable for use with ion exchange resins, typically polar drugs or their salts. According to a company statement, ion exchange technology is very useful for formulating sustained release liquid dosage forms, allowing easy titration of doses without the need to swallow capsules or tablets.