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Evotec Achieves Ono Milestone

January 11, 2013

Ono selects compound for development

Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has selected a compound identified and optimized by Evotec AG, for preclinical development, triggering a milestone payment to Evotec. The research collaboration initiated in March 2008 employs Evotec’s high throughput screening and fragment-based drug discovery platform to identify novel compounds against a protease target, to be further optimized by Ono.
Dr. Mario Polywka, chief operating officer of Evotec, said, "We are extremely pleased that we have collaborated with Ono Pharmaceutical on this important project and delivered a preclinical candidate. The teams from Ono and Evotec have enjoyed an excellent interaction and relationship throughout the collaboration, which has helped meet this goal. This achievement clearly demonstrates the value we bring to our alliance partners in the area of drug discovery. We look forward to continuing working closely with our colleagues at Ono."
"This preclinical candidate is an important member of our development pipeline and we have high expectations for it. During the entire project we could count on the access to various technologies and on the knowledge, but in particular on the drug discovery expertise of our colleagues from Evotec. They are an integrated part of our drug discovery strategy," said Dr. Kazuhito Kawabata, managing director, Research Headquarters at Ono.