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Almac, Queens University Completes Knowledge Transfer

By Gil Roth | January 21, 2013

Biocatalysis expertise successfully transferred

Almac has successfully completed its Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Queens University Belfast, to develop, improve and embed bioprocesses in order to facilitate the delivery of novel products for its biocatalysis business. The project was awarded the highest grade of “Outstanding” by the KTP Grading Panel for its achievement in meeting KTP’s objectives, according to an Almac statement.

The main goal of the partnership was to allow technology transfer of fermentation and molecular/microbiology expertise from Queens University to Almac, enabling Almac to deliver a fully integrated fermentation, optimization and bio-product service to its customers. Almac met the specific partnership objectives by not only sharing a program of work with academics at Queens, but also attending training courses organized through University College London and "embedding key learning back into the company." Since completion of the KTP, Almac has successfully scaled fermentation and bio-oxidation reactions to thousands of liters.

Dr. Tom Moody, Almac's head of Biocatalysis and Radiolabelling Services, commented, “To receive the highest grade of Outstanding is a huge achievement for Almac, and testament to the commitment of the team involved.  Not only have we further strengthened our long-standing relationship with Queens University, but we have also increased our service offering within the biocatalysis field to our clients, thus allowing us to compete in an area which was previously beyond our reach.”
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