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Financial Reports: Biogen Idec

By Gil Roth | January 28, 2013

MS franchise continues growth trend

Biogen Idec 4Q/FY

4Q Revenues: $1.4 billion (+7%)

4Q Earnings: $292 million (-3%)

FY Revenues: $5.5 billion (+9%)

FY Earnings: $1.4 billion (+9%)

Comments: Tysabri sales rose 5% for the year to $1.1 billion, while Avoenx revenues rose 8% to $2.9 billion in that span. For 4Q12, Tysabri was up 10% to $295 million and Avonex sales were up7% to $753 million. Revenues from other products rose 67% for the year. R&D expenses rose slightly in 4Q to $345 million, and were $1.3 billion for the year.