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January 29, 2013

Expands analytical reach in Latin America

NSF International has acquired the INASSA Group of Lima, Peru, which includes technical analysis, laboratory and sanitation. INASSA is known as International Analytical Services S.A.C. Environmental Laboratories Peru S.A.C. (Envirolab) and Servicios Integrales de Saneamiento S.A.C. (Servisanea). The acquisition expands NSF’s reach in Latin America to include established pharma and seafood markets.   
The NSF-INASSA Group will provide quality control, analytical testing, certifications, inspections, training and consulting services in the Peruvian market. The group provides services across the seafood, fish meal, pharmaceutical products, drinking water, and mining sectors, and works closely with regulators and government agencies. The NSF-INASSA Group employs more than 220 scientists, auditors and environmental health professionals.
NSF International has existing offices in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica, and will make NSF-INASSA Group its primary Latin American base for the full range of lab testing and technical services. Carmen Catter and Luis Bueno, founders of the INASSA Group, will serve as general managers of the NSF-INASSA.
“NSF-INASSA’s, NSF-Envirolab’s and NSF-Servisanea’s excellent reputation in both national and international markets for testing accuracy, turn-around time and customer service is a perfect complement to NSF International’s independence and integrity,” said Ms. Catter. “Together, we will continue to help improve food and environmental safety and quality in Latin America.”
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