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Financial Report: Sanofi

February 7, 2013

Revenues up 3% in the quarter, earnings hurt by generics


4Q Revenues: $11.3 billion (+3%)

4Q Earnings: $578.8 million (earnings were $1.9 billion in 4Q11)

FY Revenues: $46.2 billion (+7%)

FY Earnings: $6.8 billion (-12%)

Comments: Pharmaceutical sales were $9.3 billion in the quarter, down 5% due to generic competition and EU austerity measures. Sales lost due to generic competition on main legacy products were $659.4 million, primarily due to declining sales of Eloxatin (-80%), Lovenox (-13%) and Aprovel (-34%). Plavix sales were down 69% to $732.1 million. Diabetes sales were $2.0 billion in the quarter (+21%), with Lantus sales up 23% to $1.8 billion. Vaccine sales were $1.3 billion (+21%) driven by flu vaccines including Vaxigrip and Fluzone (+55%) and Meningitis/Pneumonia vaccines, including Menactra (+82%). New Genzyme sales were $635.6 million (+22%). Consumer Health Care sales were $967.3 million (+11%). Results in comments section represented at CER.