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Aesica, EmulTech Develop Emulsion Technology

February 19, 2013

Offers microencapsulation technology for API scale up

Aesica and EmulTech have entered an agreement for the commercial development of ET4ME, a sterile emulsion technology for product formulation. ET4ME is a micro-encapsulation technology developed by the EmulTech group that uses a specialized microfluidic process to create a measurable microparticulate suspension where particle size is uniform and reproducible. The technology can be used for APIs from small molecules to complex biomolecules, with high levels of batch consistency and reproducibility.
Ian Lafferty, site director at Aesica formulation development, said, “We first came across the technology at a conference a few years ago and realized that if we could develop an aseptic process — it’s a tremendous credit to our development team that we could achieve this — it would provide an elegant solution to many compounds. Already, we have started working with several clients to commercialize this technology and there is a tremendous growth opportunity for sterile products and injectables.”
Fränk de Jong, chief executive officer at EmulTech, said, “We knew we had a very innovative proprietary technology and by working with Aesica we now have access to their GMP approved facilities in Nottingham. This coupled with their ability to develop an aseptic process for the technology has enabled us to offer a commercialized solution that has the potential to develop formulations that would previously have been unachievable. Thanks to Aesica the process has been PST validated for steriles and there is a clear emerging demand to develop formulations using this approach.”

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