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Almac, DSM Advance Biocatalysis Pact

February 19, 2013

Provides access to enzyme technologies and services for API manufacture

A collaboration between Almac and DSM Pharmaceutical Products in the field of biocatalysis to provide sustainable manufacturing services to the pharma industry, has successfully transferred enzymes for enzyme screening, process development and scale-up manufacture. The companies have completed multiple projects in the fields of ketoreductase, transaminase, bioöixdation and hydrolase.
The agreement grants both parties access to enzyme platform technologies and services for the manufacture of APIs and combines Almac’s rapid enzyme identification, scale-up and implementation into early phase projects, with DSM’s commercial manufacturing bioprocesses run on a multi-ton scale.
Dr. Tom Moody, head of Almac Biocatalysis, said, “The success of the projects undertaken between Almac and DSM already demonstrates there is a market for scalable green technologies to access difficult-to-make chiral chemicals.  Cost remains a prevalent issue within the industry and the introduction of enzymes into processes earlier in the drug discovery pipeline helps to drive cost down as projects move forward. Our collaboration is delivering real rewards to clients from both a technical and financial perspective.”

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