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PTI To Manufacture Nasal Delivery System

February 28, 2013

Will provide capsule filling, device assembly, packaging and palletizing

OptiNose has selected Pharma Tech Industries (PTI) to handle filling, assembly and packaging services for a migraine medication administered through a new breath-powered nasal delivery system. PTI will initially provide development support for an FDA submission for approval and will continue through commercial development.
The OptiNose delivery system employs a novel means of administering drugs deep into the nasal cavity for treatment of both local and systemic diseases. The new technology offers an alternative to existing nasal sprays, as well as tablets and injections.
PTI will use a Planeta Capsule Filler from equipment manufacturer MG2 to fill low-dose capsules with dry powder medication and the capsules will be loaded into special unit-dose cartridges. PTI will then pack each cartridge into individual cartons, where they are mechanically packed into cases and palletized for shipping.
“We chose Pharma Tech Industries as our CMO through a rigorous selection process that evaluated more than half a dozen potential candidates,” said Peter Miller, chief executive officer of OptiNose. “We are working to bring a groundbreaking delivery system to market, and its commercial development depends upon a partner that can execute with excellence. We believe that Pharma Tech Industries is such a partner.”
“It is exciting to work so closely with the team at OptiNose, who have spearheaded the creation of a very promising new drug delivery system, and we are thankful for this opportunity,” said Tee Noland, chairman of Pharma Tech Industries. “This project allows PTI to showcase the broad spectrum of capabilities that make us such an attractive option for our customers.”