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Horizon Establishes New Centers of Excellence

March 11, 2013

Expands research network in UK

Horizon Discovery has established new Centers of Excellence (CoEs) for gene editing at the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge University with Prof. Steve Jackson FRS, and the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research with Prof. David Rubinsztein.
Prof. Jackson will work with Horizon’s rAAV genome editing technology (GENESIS) to generate isogenic cell models of cancer focused on specific gene mutations involved in DNA repair and DNA damage signaling and their relationship to cancer progression.
Prof. Rubinsztein’s lab will apply GENESIS to generate isogenic cell line models for the study of autophagy (degradation of unnecessary or dysfunctional cellular components), which regulates the levels of specific proteins that cause many neurodegenerative diseases.
“The increasing number of research groups of this caliber working with our genome editing technology is very exciting for Horizon,” said Dr. Rob Howes, principal scientist at Horizon. “We are delighted to welcome both the Gurdon Institute and Cambridge Institute for Medical Research to our Centers of Excellence network and look forward to working with them on developing the cell lines.”
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