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Spinnovation To Provide Analytical Services at Pivot Park

March 11, 2013

Gains access to advanced facilities and instrumentation

Spinnovation Analytical BV and Pivot Park have entered an agreement under which Spinnovation will supply analytical services at the newly established life sciences park, and will gain access to Pivot Park’s advanced analytical platform. Pivot Park, located on the former Organon/Schering Plough/MSD research site in Oss, the Netherlands, is a center for open innovation, where the facilities and instrumentation are made available to pharma and biopharma companies.
Spinnovation will support the park’s research and productivity with its portfolio of analytical services for both small-molecule pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. The agreement allows Spinnovation to expand its technology platform with exclusive access to several high-end analytical instruments.
Spinnovation will cover the analytical needs of medicinal chemists focused on discovery programs and preclinical development, as well as CMOs, by supporting CMC activities. Spinnovation will add to the platform at Pivot Park by providing 500MHz NMR, ESI-TOF MS, HPLCs, LC-SPE and ICP-OES instruments. The facilities at Pivot Park will also help Spinnovation develop Spinnovation Biologics, a service dedicated to the support of upstream process development for the production of biotherapeutics.
“We are very excited to welcome Spinnovation who will facilitate access to advanced analytical applications for the Pivot Park tenants,” said Alie Tigchelhoff, director of Pivot Park. “We have full confidence that Spinnovation’s exceptional analytical solutions will support the growth of our companies and the spirit of research and development which the park has been designed for.”
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