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DSM, SpineVision in Polymer Pact

March 20, 2013

DSM to license and supply Bionate II PCU

DSM has signed a license and supply agreement with SpineVision, a spinal implant and surgical systems developer, under which SpineVision will use DSM’s Bionate II PCU, a polymer, in its new Flex±2 system. The system is adaptable for various stages of intervertebral disc degeneration. DSM’s Bionate II PCU will be used to encapsulate the system with frontal and sagittal stabilization, helping to assure flexion and extension for increased mobility.
“The combination of design changes and the use of Bionate II PCU have enabled SpineVision to enhance the mechanical capabilities of the new Flex+2TM system leading to extended indications,” said Arnaud Brisard, chief executive officer, SpineVision.
“DSM’s polyurethane materials have a proven clinical history and have been used in several dynamic stabilization devices and implants,” said William Fuller, director of business development, DSM Biomedical. “Our Bionate II PCU provides increased flexibility and shock absorbing characteristics, replicating the natural movements of the spine. We are proud to see Bionate II PCU contributing to the performance of SpineVision’s Flex+2 system.”